Inquiry Into the Future of Inter-Regional Passenger Rail in New Zealand

Given the urgency of the issue, for some time now the organisation has been particularly focused on how to respond to the climate crisis by reducing emissions and concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

The New Zealand rail network is a vital part of our transport services and must also play a large part in how we react to the urgency of the climate changes being thrust upon us. Increased use of the rail network can is essential.

Today, there is a list of very valid reasons to re-establish a well running rail network in New Zealand, as it is also hinted by the terms of reference of this inquiry:

In 2020 the New Zealand parliament declared a climate emergency, acknowledging the need to reduce CO2 emissions. The superiority of rail solutions and especially electric rail transport in having the smallest carbon footprint has been demonstrated in many studies.

Submission on the Auckland Land Transport Plan 2021-2031
Submission In Response To: Price Discovery Under 100% Renewable Electricity Supply – Issues Discussion Paper