Our Objectives

  1. To encourage and support social responsibility and a humane professional ethic in the uses of technology.
  2. To inform the engineering profession, general public and public policy makers about the impact of technology including both positive and negative effects.
  3. The field of interest includes but is not restricted to:
    • The selection and achievement of the long term goals for humanity.
    • Policies and controls relating to nuclear arms and other military technology.
    • Government policy relating to appropriate technology and technology transfer issues in foreign aid.
    • Environmental issues including:
      • Health and safety
      • Pollution of all kinds
      • Depletion of resources
      • Energy policy
      • Nuclear power generation and waste disposal
      • Communications policy
      • Privacy
    • Economic and social aspects of advanced technology and automation.
    • Educational aspects of the impact of technology.
  4. To communicate or cooperate with other organisation which have similar aims for the whole or part of the fields of interest.
  5. To make public statements and publish material for the information of the engineering profession, general public and public policy makers, as covered by these objects. Where opinions are given these shall be identified as such and shall be based on sound engineering judgement.
  6. To provide a forum for discussion of members’ issues of conscience relating to the Association’s objects and take any appropriate action.
  7. To provide support to members, profession engineers and other who act in accordance with the objectives and stated policies of the Association.