Committee Members

Brendan Donnell

I am a structural engineering consultant with 20 years experience and currently work for Structure Design Ltd in Auckland. Career highlights include infrastructure development in the Solomon Islands, and design of the new engineering building for The University of Auckland. I joined Engineers for Social Responsibility (ESR) at university and have always appreciated the exposure they’ve given to inspirational people and revolutionary ideas – often a decade before they become mainstream.

Hugh MacMurray

I am a hydraulic engineer of 40 years experience, one of two partners in a small consulting firm. Some career highlights were: 3 years at the Laboratory for Hydraulics at ETH Zurich; months-long consulting engagements in Laos, Malaysia, and Indonesia; and investigating Lake Wakatipu outflow hydraulics. Although of a laid-back disposition, and inclined to drift with the flow, I really want to be part of the revolution in human affairs which must occur if we are to have a long term future.

Thomas Neitzert

I am Professor emeritus of mechanical engineering at AUT, and have held a range of leadership positions in industry as well as academia in New Zealand and overseas. My expertise includes advanced materials, energy efficiency, recycling, 3D printing and technology management.

Peter Whitmore

I hold a BSc, a BE in chemical engineering, and a PhD in chemical engineering. My PhD work was related to controlling particulate emissions, and my industrial engineering experience was primarily related to improving energy efficiency in the glass manufacturing and metal recovery and processing industries. In 1981 I returned from Canada with my wife Jill and launched a publishing business in New Zealand that we ran for around 30 years. In more recent years I’ve been seriously concerned with climate change, including involvement with ESR and the Auckland Climate Action group.

Ross Rutherford

I’ve had a long and varied career in transport planning. I began with an honours degree in civil engineering and a masters degree in transport planning and engineering.  My work experience includes highway design and traffic engineering.  I was the Group Manager Transport Planning then Group Manager Rapid Transit with the former Auckland City Council. I had a leading role in changing the Council’s focus from roading to public transport and headed the Council’s investigation into a rapid transit system for the region based primarily on light rail.

Doug Wilson

I am a Senior Lecturer in Transportation Engineering and a founding member of the University of Auckland Transportation Research Centre. I have worked for central and local Government and private consultancies. My research interests are in transportation infrastructure development, safety, materials, community well-being and future transport technologies (including transport electrification and wireless charging systems) that can lead to a more equitable, sustainable and desirable transport future.

Jeff Foley

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Neil Mander

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Lawrence Carter

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Derek Wilshere

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Norm Stannard

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