August 2023

Newsletter contents

  1. Tracking Clean Energy Progress: IEA Report
  2. Selected charts tracking how countries are meeting their commitments to reduce GHG emissions
  3. China’s Climate Priorities
  4. Exxon Mobil 2023 energy outlook
  5. Calls for crackdown on fossil fuel company greenwashing
  6. Solar power cell innovations break key energy threshold
  7. Mining giants trial world-first hydrogen pilot for alumina
  8. South Korea’s Kepco joins Western Australian hydrogen hub
  9. Prospectors hit the gas in the hunt for ‘white hydrogen’
  10. $4.6 billion plant in South Africa will make ‘the fuel of the future’
  11. Farmers on frontline as Dutch divided by war on nitrogen pollution
  12. World’s largest ‘wood city’ to be built in Stockholm
  13. Attending ESR Committee Meetings – A request for feedback


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